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Walking for Weight Loss

The benefits of walking for weight loss are more than burning calories. Easy guide on why walking helps your lose weight and keep it off.

Congratulations on checking out the benefits of walking for weight loss.

Walking may not be on top of the list of calorie burning activities, but it should definitely be part of your weight loss workout routine. A lot of people have reached their ideal weight just by adding more walking to their life.

But, the positive effects of weight loss by walking don’t end with the amount of calories you burn. There are positive effects walking have to your weight loss and over all health that aren’t related to calories.

And weight loss by walking is especially suitable for people who want to take it easy and slowly add exercise to their life.


Walking is essential to our well being, there is no doubt about that. You might have heard the recommendation that you should walk at least 10 000 steps a day.

The good news is that no step is as important as the first one.

walking for weight loss
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Usually you find research about how many calories you burn during different activities. Now there is research on what happens in our bodies when we don’t do anything at all.

The impact on our metabolism when we are still for long periods of time is very similar to what happens to hibernating animals; the metabolism slows down, and hardly any energy is used at all.

When you break that “hibernation”, even if it is just to walk around your chair or to the printer, you activate the muscles in your whole body and that have a positive effect on your blood sugar levels, your blood fats and your waist line.

So, you see, you don’t have to feel guilty if you can’t make it to the gym or take that brisk 45 minute walk (guilt is not good for weight loss), start by not sitting still too long at the time. Just as eating small frequent meals keeps your metabolism going, taking short frequent walks takes you out of “hibernation mode”.

Walking When Sad or Worried

There are many reasons why we eat too much and one of them is comfort eating. We eat because we feel sad, we are worried or we just get cravings for “something”. Not good for weight loss. Walking can actually help with this problem.

walking for weight loss
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Studies have shown that a 30 minute walk 4-5 times a week may be as effective as taking antidepressant medications or using cognitive-behavioral therapy.

And, the best thing is, walking is free and without the negative side effect of medication.

So the next time you have that craving for “something”, try taking a short walk instead.

If you can’t make it a 30 minute walk, even 5-10 minutes will do a difference.

Take deep breaths and feel the fresh air fill you lungs. Imagine the bad feeling vanishing with each exhalation.

Walking is also excellent for solving problems. It clears your head, and, so instead of sitting at home or at work banging your head, try a short walk, and the solution will come to you.

Ready For the Next Step?

After a period of “small walks” you will feel a difference in your body; a sense that you miss that little walk if you don’t get the chance to take it. This is the time to start adding walking for weight loss to your life, as a way of actually burning calories. Now your body craves it.

Check out these starting tips for your weight loss walking plan.

Additional Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

After a couple of weeks with this amount of walking for weight loss you will definitely feel a difference in your body. Despite from the calories you have burned, you will also get a general feeling of wellbeing. You will feel lighter; your blood circulation will be improved and your metabolism increased. You will probably also sleep better.

Now you are ready for all the walking you have time for!

No Time for Walking?

Every step counts, so even if you feel you don’t have time for scheduled walks there are ways of adding more walking for weight loss to your life anyway.

A lot of people use a pedometer, and that can be a fun way of checking how many steps you actually take a day. Don’t let it be another source of disappointment if you can’t live up to the “required” amount of steps a day. The thing is to seek opportunities for walking, where you usually don’t see them.

Here are some easy tips of “walking without walking”:

* Walk around when you speak on the phone.
* Always get up and walk during the commercial breaks on television.
* Park one block further away from your job.
* Get off the bus a stop before your usual bus stop.
* Walk around the block before you get in the car.

I’m sure that once you start, you will come up with endless ways of finding opportunities to walk a little extra, and you will soon see a difference on the scales.

You don’t’ have to take walking for weight loss so seriously. Walking is the most natural thing in the world. You’ve been doing it since you were about a year old.

With you on the weigh,

Updated: October 1, 2013 — 11:58 am

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