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How Stretching Exercises Benefit Your Body

Short, easy guide on the benefits of stretching exercises for weight loss and overall wellbeing.

Once you’re familiar with the ways just basic stretching exercises benefit your whole body, you will see that it’s a kind of exercises you wouldn’t do without.

This low impact form of exercise is suitable for people of all ages and all sizes, fit and unfit, and it also facilitates your weight loss. Here is a recommended stretching routine for beginners.

One of the main benefits of stretching is that increases the flexibility of your body.

The best time to do your stretching exercises is at the end of a workout, when your muscles have had a chance to warm up.

Perform one stretch for each muscle group, including neck, shoulders, arms, abs, thighs, calves. Take up the stretch position slowly, until you can feel the muscle stretching, then hold the stretch for 15-30 seconds.When you do stretching activities on a regular basis your muscles will be used of moving in different directions and they can handle sudden movements you may do with higher impact exercises; movements that would otherwise harm both your muscles and your tendons.

stretching benefits

Good stretching exercises increase the amount of blood that flows through your body. An increased blood flow removes wastes from your body more quickly. This is important while you are losing weight.

A lot of toxins are stored in your body fat, far away from vital organs. When you burn fat those toxins are released into the blood stream and you want to get rid of them as fast as possible. While they are still in your body they can harm you and cause water retention.

With an increased blood flow, oxygen will move faster from your lungs to the brain and other vital organs.

Not even the best stretching routines are high fat burning or muscle building exercises in the common meaning, but they do strengthen your muscles. You can regain lost strength and rebuild your muscles simply by do some warming up stretching on a regular basis.

Make it a habit to run through a sequence of stretches every time you’ve exercised. It takes less than 10 minutes, and will help you to stay supple and flexible, and less likely to be injured.

As a good stretching routine is done slowly, it gives you an excellent opportunity of getting to know your own body better, besides the fact that it’s a good stress management tool. As you includes stretching exercises on a regular basis, you’ll find your muscles stretch more easily and you can reach further. This is excellent for keeping you fit and in good shape as you get older – flexibility is a vital part of mobility in later life.

Updated: February 26, 2014 — 11:49 am

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