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The University of Sydney Satiety Index of Filling Foods

The best ways to minimize hunger pangs – the University of Sydney satiety index helps you choose slimming food that is filling, instead of fattening food that is filling, but to a bad result.

How long can you stand being hungry before you start eating again?

If you have ever tried to get rid of excess weight by eating less, you know that ultimately there is no way of winning a battle with your hunger.

Your quest is to find slimming foods with the best ability to satisfy your hunger for as long as possible.

When you feed your hunger in a smart way you’ll soon realize that you don’t need to go hungry just to lose weight.

This is where the satiety index comes useful and helps keep you on target with your diet.

What Is the Satiety Index?

It’s an index based on a study performed at the University Of Sydney, Australia that simply ranks different foods on their ability to satisfy hunger. It’s clear that certain foods satisfy hunger much better than others.

This index is an excellent tool when putting together your own weight loss food program. It tells you how you can minimize your hunger pangs, making it easier to follow your weight loss intentions.

Click for the Satiety Index List of filling foods and for easy tips on how to use the list to maximize your weight loss.

Best “Non-Hunger” Foods

The Satiety Index

According to the study protein is the nutritive substance that satisfies hunger best based on its energy content and ability to make you feel full over the longest period of time.

Carbohydrates are also good if you exclude plain sugar and well known fast carbs (white bread, etc.).

Fatty foods are surprisingly not filling, even though people expected them to be. Good news for dieters!

Foods rich in fiber also rank high and contain few calories.

Generally speaking, foods that rank high and satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time are foods with high protein, -water- and/or fiber content. These foods will help make you feel full, literally by filling your stomach, and with a full stomach you can more easily avoid nibbling.

During the study at the University Of Sydney, Australia only a limited range of foods where tested. Of course there are more foods that are filling. With your help I want to create a “Healthy Weight Loss Made Easy List of Filling Foods” based on experience. Click here if you want to contribute or see what food other visitors have added to the list.

With you on the weigh,

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