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Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Desperate for quick healthy weight loss? Here’s how to shed pounds safely at top speed.

Of course you want to lose weight as fast as possible, but if you’re going for a rapid weight loss you need to be realistic.

The most effective way to drop pounds and keep them off is to do it slowly and steadily, by changing the way you eat permanently.

That way, you’ll have a healthy weight loss rate

What so many folks do though, is go on to an ultra-low calorie diet, or half starve themselves for days on end.

If you do that, your body responds by altering its metabolic rate – after all, your body doesn’t know you’re going to the class reunion next month, it simply thinks that the usual supply of food has dried up, so it had better hang on to whatever nutrition you’re offering it.

The result – your weight loss becomes slower and slower and might even stop completely. And in the longterm, you could find it harder to lose weight than before – and that could have disastrous consequences for your health and wellbeing in the future.

Ok, lecture over. I know you still want to drop a few pounds NOW! So here’s how to do it. These are quick healthy weight loss strategies that are safe, and really work.

Quick Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Six Small Meals a Day

Switch to a pattern of five or six small meals a day. Eating small healthy weight loss meals regularly helps to keep you full, keeps a check on food cravings, gives your more energy and encourages your body to shed fat and retain muscle tissue.

What you eat for your 6 little meals is important. Include:

  • lean protein – skinned chicken breast, beans and legumes, turkey, fish, eggs
  • healthy carbs – it’s vital to cut out highly processed junk foods, so forget about cookies, cakes, pastry, crisps and chips, burgers and other foods made with highly refined carbohydrates. Instead, eat leafy green veg, other fruits and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, beans and pulses, nuts (natural, untreated nuts, not the deep-fried, salted or sugared type) and seeds.
  • healthy fats – like olive oil, wholenut peanut butter, nuts, low fat cheeses.

Sticking to a healthy diet like this, in small meals spread across the day will give you energy and make you feel better. Remember, eat only until you feel satisfied – which is sooner than you might think.

Pay attention to how you feel as you eat and never eat until your gut feels like bursting. While you are aiming for rapid healthy weight loss, limit the amount of fruit you eat.

For the longer term, investigate Healthy Weight Loss Diets

Drink plenty of water every day, aiming for 8 pints in total.

You may want to take a multivitamin supplement while you are following a rapid weight loss program.

Spinach frittata makes a healthy lunch

Quick Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Exercise and Lifestyle

You’ll improve your chances of achieving swift weight loss if you add exercise to your regime.

Aim to do some good cardio exercise – at the gym, jogging, swimming, brisk walking, dancing – three or four times a week. Add to that some strength-training exercises with weights twice a week.

Your aim is to build muscle, which will give you a more toned body and help to burn calories more efficiently.

Make sure you have a full night’s sleep every night. Lack of sleep can prompt the body to lay down more stores of fat, and you also need to allow yourself enough rest so that your body can recover from your new pattern of exercise.

Don’t stay on a weight loss program like this for too long, as you’re likely to lose impetus and regain the weight you’ve lost. Although you can shed weight with a quick plan, in the longterm it’s far better to aim for a Healthy Weight Loss Per Week that’s sustainable.

Updated: November 8, 2013 — 3:57 am

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