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Omega 3 Benefits for Weight Loss

The ways omega 3 benefits and facilitates your weight loss are many. Best tips on how you can include more omega 3 foods in your diet.

Fatty acids in omega 3 foods benefit your weight loss in many ways. This is contrary to what you may think, as fat contains more calories per gram than proteins and carbohydrates.

A logical conclusion would be to stay away from fat when you want to lose weight and consume fewer calories than you burn.

But weight loss is not only about maths and there is more to it than counting calories.

The right kinds of fat are essential to your overall well-being.

Especially omega 3 benefits your health in many different ways and is the kind of fat you should consume more of.

Omega 3 is a group of fatty acids, such as EPA, DHA and alpha linolenic acid. This kind of fat can actually also help you lose weight.

How does it sound to have fewer hunger pangs, less water retention, feel more energized and burn more fat?

These are some of the many omega 3 benefits, so this is not the kind of fat you should cut down on when you want to lose weight. Usually we consume less than we need of omega 3 fatty acids.

But let’s start by sorting out the different kinds of fats.

Good Fats and Bad Fats

Not all fats are of the same value to our health; some fats are essential for bodily functions (the good ones/unsaturated) and some fats can seriously harm our health (the bad ones/saturated and trans fats).

The good fats can be divided into two groups; monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.
source of good fat
Monounsaturated fats can help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, lower your blood pressure and to help control diabetes.

You find monounsaturated fats in vegetable oils like olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil; nuts like hazelnuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios and pine nuts.

Also chicken fat is monounsaturated.

Polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 and omega 6) can help reduce triglycerides, inflammations and tumor growth and improve immune functions.
omega 3 and weight loss
Omega 3 rich foods are seeds like flaxseeds and hempseeds, fat fish like salmon, mackerel, trout, sardines and herring. Walnuts are also a good source of omega 3.

Omega 6 can be found in oils like safflower oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil; most nuts and beans. Grains also contain omega 6 and usually we get more than enough omega 6 through our diet.

The bad fats (saturated fats and trans fats) raise your cholesterol, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Saturated fats can be found in foods such as meat, whole milk, cheese, palm oil and coconut oil.

Trans fats are hydrogenated oil and vegetable oils that have been subjected to heat-damage during cooking. They are used by the food industry because they are easier to handle than normal fats. They are found in foods like crackers, cookies, cakes and margarine.

Omega 3 Benefits for Weight Loss

Omega 3 benefits by stabilizing your blood sugar levels and reduces the insulin in your blood. In that way your body’s ability to convert fat into energy is increased. Omega 3 fatty acids make it easier for your body to burn fat.

(Too much insulin in your blood can also make your body store more fat instead of using it for fuel.)

With your blood sugar levels under control you get fewer hunger pangs – hunger pangs that go away only if you eat; so with fewer hunger pangs you will have eaten less by the end of the day. So you can say that omega 3 works like an appetite suppressant.

Omega 3 also helps with water retention by improving your kidney function. Healthy working kidneys helps your body get rid of toxins, which allows you to lose weight easier.

Feeling low on energy can result in comfort eating and it stops you from getting the exercise you need. Omega 3 affects your thyroid function positively, resulting in higher mood improving serotonin levels. You feel happier and have more energy.

Now that you know why omega 3 benefits weight loss , the next step is to start looking for yummy ways to include omega 3 rich foods into your diet.

According to studies you don’t gain weight from getting too much omega 3 fatty acid. The problem is more about getting enough.

As you are concerned of the amount of calories you will be eating, try reducing the amount of saturated fat you consume by choosing lean meat and low fat dairy products. This allows you to eat enough of food high in omega 3.

With you on the weigh,

Updated: September 16, 2013 — 5:53 pm

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