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Yummy & Healthy Snack Recipes

Yummy and healthy snack recipes are essential to your weight loss success. Quick healthy snack ideas and recipes will help you fight sugar cravings.

You may have the false idea that snacking is bad for your waistline.

On the contrary; yummy healthy snacks for weight loss especially are essential and that for more than one reason.

First of all, easy-to-make snacks help you avoid overeating at your main meals which has as result that you will eat less totally during the day without feeling hungry.

Secondly, with lots of yummy and healthy snack recipes you don’t have to fall for cookies, biscuits, donuts or chocolate bars or other vending machine snacks when the cravings hit you.

Healthy snacks have a good impact on your blood sugar levels. When you choose food with a low glycemic index and eat every 3-4 hours you will soon stop having sugar cravings.

As you’ll see, good snacking has a positive result on your waist line.

Start building a list of healthy snacks of your preference. Take a look at the healthy snack ideas below and get inspired and you will have a great tool for your weight loss.

avocado snack recipe
Avocado Recipe with Cottage Cheese and Smoked Turkey

Avocado with cottage cheese and smoked turkey are all ingredients that you can easily include in a slimming diet. This is a yummy combination.

guilt free evening snack

Guilt Free Evening Snack

You can basically eat as much as you want. It will satisfy your taste buds and fill your stomach without making you feel guilty about eating too much.

low gi snack recipeHummus Recipe – Chickpea Dip
Hummus is a great snack, especially if you dip raw vegetables and not bread or chips. The basic ingredient is chickpeas, an excellent source of protein, dietary fibers and healthy carbohydrates.

low calorie snack

Pop corn
Plain pop corn is a great snack as long as you eat them plain. They are filling and you can eat a lot of pop corn without consuming a lot of calories (assuming you’re eating them without oil or butter!) when you want to snack, like in front of the television or while reading a book.

The more you get used to healthy snack recipes in general and low carb snack recipes in particular, the better results you will have with your weight loss.

With you on the weigh,

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