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Easy Healthy Diet Plan

This is an easy healthy diet plan to follow as you get slimmer. Free easy diet plans that work.

With this easy and free diet plan you can really kick the bad habit of eating too much at the wrong time.

Studies show that people with weight problems tend to eat later in the day than non-overweight people.

And the later you start to eat in the day the more you eat totally during the day.

Learning how to eat 5-6 times a day is probably more important than following low fat diet plans or other different diet plans.

Your best diet plan starts with something to eat early in the day which helps you avoid cravings. (To keep your sugar cravings at a minimum you may also want to check out how to put together a glycemic index diet plan.)

What to Eat, When to Eat & How Much to Eat

Following these three easy steps will simplify your weight loss:

1. What to Eat? Low fat, low carb or low something else? The easy-to-follow guidelines on weight loss foods will help you find what’s best for you. It doesn’t matter how good a diet is if you can’t follow it.

2. When to Eat? Following weight loss eating plan guidelines on eating 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks during the day has been proven the best way to lose weight for many reasons. (For example, the late evening snack or even eating during the night is a true weight loss pitfall.)

3. How Much to Eat? “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” as Adele Davis said is still valid.

Healthy Diet Plan Guidelines – Meal by Meal

You find more overweight persons in a group of people that skip breakfast than in a group of people that regularly eat breakfast. So one of the first steps you’ll take towards your weight loss goal is to learn how to eat breakfast. So when choosing a diet plan make sure to include breakfast.

One of the most important advices in a easy healthy diet plan is the one to never skip breakfast.

Your breakfast should be about 20-25 % of your total daily caloric intake.

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You might not feel like eating immediately after you wake up, but try to eat something within an hour or two after waking. You’re readjusting your routine but the benefits of a solid breakfast are worth it!

You don’t have to start eating a huge breakfast if you are not used to eating breakfast at all. Start with something light and keep adding.

If you feel you don’t have time in the morning to eat breakfast, starting to eat breakfast on weekends is a good way of getting in the habit of having breakfast.

During the week you can settle for something light and easy to prepare until you feel something’s missing if you don’t have your breakfast. Preparing your breakfast the evening before is also a good way it you feel you don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning.

Check out these yummy and healthy breakfast recipes.

Don’t try to be skimp on your lunch. You will only make up for a poor lunch later by overeating at dinner or crave big snacks in the afternoon. All safe diet plans include a proper lunch and this healthy diet plan is no exception.

Your lunch should be about 25-30 % of your daily caloric intake.
Your lunch can be slimming even if you’re eating more than just a salad.

Your dinner is in reality a big snack. You don’t need a lot of food late in the day as sleeping doesn’t burn many calories.

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Your goal is to eat the last meal, or snack no later than 2 hours before you go to sleep.

If you are used to eating big late meals, sticking to your healthy diet plan and changing the habit of eating late will soon have a positive impact on your waist line.

The caloric content of your dinner should not extend 25 % of the total of the day.

A way to avoid overeating at dinner is by making sure you eat properly during the day. Try eating more during the day and after a few weeks you will realize that you are not that hungry at dinnertime anymore.

Snacks are essential to your weight loss success. They help you avoid overeating at your main meals. Be careful though to keep your snacks low-calorie. Bringing a healthy snack to work instead of just getting something from the vending machine is an easy trick during a quick weight loss program.

Your snacks should provide you with about 20-30 % of the total daily caloric intake.

Make sure you drink enough water every day – try having a glass, whenever you eat a snack.

Check out these yummy and healthy snack recipes.

Healthy recipes for kids and the whole family! Want to see your kids eating healthier and excited about it? Our healthy recipes for kids (and the whole family) and ideas to get kids excited about cooking and eating healthy can help.

Following this simple, but very helpful, healthy diet plan will make your weight loss much easier. If you find that you still are having problems to leave your old eating habits, try to take some time to see why it’s difficult. Is it just a matter of planning or is it something else?

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