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Yummy & Healthy Desserts Recipes

This is how you can enjoy yummy and healthy desserts and still lose weight.

Don’t push yourself to lose weight without desserts!

When you want something sweet (and you will from time to time, no use trying to deny it) here is a collection of healthy and yummy dessert recipes that that you can enjoy even during weight loss.

It’s in your DNA to want something sweet and during your weight loss you shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it.

By choosing desserts that will not affect your blood sugar levels in a negative way and are low in calories, you won’t.

chocolate covered strawberries recipeChocolate Covered Strawberries

This chocolate covered strawberries recipe is very easy-to-make and makes a healthy and yummy dessert. When done with dark chocolate (70 % cocoa content) it’s even considered superfood!

chocolate dipped strawberries recipe

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

This chocolate dipped strawberries recipe is a quick way to satisfy your craving for something sweet without you having to feel guilty about it.

Carrot Cake with Ginger

Try this low fat carrot cake recipe with spicy ginger and muscovando sugar the next time you want something sweet to accompany your coffee.

low fat coffee ice cream
Low Fat Coffee Ice Cream

Choose this yummy and easy-to-make low fat coffee ice cream recipe and you will still be able to enjoy ice cream even though you are keeping the calories low.

Even though these dessert recipes are fine during weight loss, a dessert is still just a treat, so indulge with moderation.

With you on the weigh,

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