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Low Glycemic Index Diet for Weight Loss

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Best tips on how to choose glycemic index diet acceptable foods for weight loss instead of the kind of foods that have made you put on weight.

Is following a low glycemic index the way for you to lose weight?

Following a low glycemic index diet doesn’t mean you’ll be following a “low carb diet”.

“Low Carb” is basically a misinterpretation of “Low Glycemic Index”.

The glycemic index list is a tool for measuring the impact food has on your blood sugar levels and is doesn’t mean you should stop eating carbohydrates; it means you should eat the right ones.

When you want to follow the low glycemic index for weight loss, you’re not supposed to only be looking out for foods with a low value.

There’s more to it than that.

How to Avoid Glycemic Index Pitfalls

When a food is listed according to its glycemic index value it means it contains carbohydrates. Food without carbohydrates doesn’t have a glycemic index.

Foods we eat that don’t have a glycemic index at all, like protein and fat, when eaten with carbohydrates, affect and can lower the glycemic index of the whole meal.

When you list foods according to its glycemic index, a value between 50 and 70 are considered low and such foods have a place in a low glycemic index diet.

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So, if you look up chicken nuggets, for example, in a glycemic index list of foods you will find a value of 66.

This might lead to the conclusion that chicken nuggets are a good choice even for weight loss.

But no!

The glycemic food index of plain chicken fillet is 0 (zero) and that doesn’t affect your blood sugar at all. So if you choose the chicken nuggets over plain chicken fillet you have made a food choice that does affect your blood sugar levels.

The chicken nuggets are also high in fat, (another reason for the low glycemic index) which is what you should stay away from.

As you see, glycemic index information is great for weight loss, but it has to be used in combination with common sense and your nutritional knowledge.

You’ll find tips on the right foods with a low glycemic index in the free glycemic index chart.

By simply using these tips on how to put together a low glycemic diet for weight loss you have come a long way. Always start with the changes that are easiest for you to make and the rest will follow. (Click for more free glycemic index diet tips for weight loss.)

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