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How to Deal With Your Funny Bad Habits

This is how you deal with your funny bad habits and get the results you want instead of the bad, unwanted results (like excess weight) you are getting now.

A good way to understand how habits work is to compare them to pathways or roads. Try to imagine your funny bad habits as pathways in the brain.

When you do, or learn something new, you could say you create a tiny footpath in your brain. The first time you walk that path (do the new thing) there will be a very little trace left behind you.

Each time you walk it again, the footpath becomes wider.

After awhile it’s no longer a footpath but a pathway, and it might eventually become a highway. But you need to use the pathway for it to become wider.

It’s easier to take the highway instead of creating a new pathway. This is why old habits are difficult to change.

Is the Pathway Leading You to Where You Want to Go?

funny bad habitsIf not, you need to make a new one. You need to change your pathway/habit so it leads you where you want to go.

Creating a new pathway/habit takes some effort.

We all have made “wrong” choices in the past, taken the wrong paths.

The good news is that once you are aware of what you do, you can make the “right” choices from now on and create new pathways in the brain.

This takes time. While you are opening up a new pathway you have to remind yourself each time to take the pathway, instead of the more familiar highway.

“Is this habit/pathway leading me closer to my weight loss goal?”

An important piece of your weight loss project is to make new lifestyle choices that will eventually become good habits that will help you keep your new weight under control.

What you have to do is examining your choices. Decide if they are beneficial to you or not, and if they are not, you change them.

Changing Your Funny Bad Habits

A lot of people say “I don’t want to change; I just want to lose weight.”

This is because we really don’t want to admit that we were wrong in the first place, yet doing the necessary changes.

We all make mistakes. That’s part of being human. Just accept that you did the best you could and move on. If you keep on making the same choices (mistakes) you will have the same results, and your possibilities of keeping the weight off for long are minimal.

It’s all about awareness and knowledge. When you are aware of what you do, you just need the right knowledge and an open mind to make the right choices.

Make your habits work for you, not against you.

weight loss eating plan shows you the best times to eat during the day. Compare that to your current eating habits and see where it’s easiest for you to do some changing.

What can you do about your exercise habits? This easy exercise questionnaire will show you.

Of course you have to change your habits in your own time. Find the balance of leaving your comfort zone, and moving too fast. Soon the funny bad habit will be a funny good habit, as wide as a highway. And it’s leading you to a lasting weight loss.

Updated: January 21, 2014 — 10:44 am

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