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Dietary Fiber Supplements and Weight Loss

The best ways to benefit from dietary fiber supplements when you want to lose weight.

Let’s first check out what fiber is and why you need to add fiber to your diet. What is it fiber does that’s so beneficial to you?

Fiber (or dietary fiber) is the indigestible parts of the fruits and vegetables you eat and is found in different concentration in all plants.

The food you eat needs to be transported throughout the whole of your digestive system, so that your body can absorb most of the nutrients the food provides and dispel of what you don’t need.

Fiber makes the process easier and helps your system work better, keeping what’s good and expelling the toxins. As you can’t digest fiber, it passes through your body without being absorbed.

Eating a lot of naturally fiber rich fruits, vegetables and whole wheat is, of course, the best, but not always possible. In that case, a supplement is a good solution. Just know that when you start adding fiber to your diet, do it slowly or you might have unwanted and unpleasant reactions in your digestive system.

Dietary Fiber Supplements and Weight Loss

High fiber supplements are basically beneficial in two very important ways during weight loss.

First (and truly essential) fiber works as an appetite suppressant.

It takes about 20 minutes before the stomach sends out a signal that you don’t have to eat anymore. If you’re really hungry when you begin your meal, you’re at risk of eating a lot in those 20 minutes.

An easy weight loss trick without side effects is making it a habit to take a fiber drink before your meals. It will fill your stomach before you start eating and curb your appetite without empty calories.

Secondly, as you lose weight, toxins that were formerly stored in fat are released into the blood stream. This can cause water retention as the body tries to protect itself from these toxins. An unwanted result is often that you swell and look bigger, not because you put on fat, but because your body holds on to water. Fiber absorbs water and bonds to these toxins, carrying them out of your system.

Adding a fiber supplement to your diet is probably one of the easiest things you can do to facilitate your weight loss attempt.

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Updated: February 24, 2014 — 10:50 pm

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