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Best Nutritional Supplement

The best nutritional supplement has three outstanding effects for your weight loss.

This guide to nutritional supplements explains why the best nutritional supplement should give you added energy, help reduce feelings of hunger and boost your immune system and how this will simplify your weight loss attempt.

Why Supplements? Isn’t food enough?

You should consider adding a supplement to your diet even if you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. It may not be enough to provide all the micronutrients (vitamins and trace elements) that your body requires.

Because of modern farming methods our foods don’t have the same amount and quality of nutrients as they used to. In this picture you can see how much nutritional value was left in our food in 1995 compared to the 100 % in 1985. (Apples have increased value of magnesium and calcium.)

best nutritional supplement


Overcoming the Obstacle of Feeling Tired

Lack of sufficient nutrients in our food is one reason why we feel tired. This can quickly lead to bad eating habits.

Because we are too tired we don’t have the energy to cook properly. Instead we just eat what’s easily available, which is usually low quality food. This leads to an even greater lack of energy and on it goes. The effect of nutritional supplement is breaking this vicious cycle.

Many so-called energy drinks give you a feeling of increased energy because they contain caffeine. This is not the best nutritional supplement because it’s only a temporary lift, which will leave you tired again very quickly.

Ensure your energy booster contains vitamins, not caffeine!

Curb Your Appetite

When your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs it sends out a signal that you should eat. So providing the necessary vitamins by adding a supplement to your diet will help you avoid hunger pangs for this reason. (The fewer reasons you have for feeling hungry the better.)

Eating smaller, frequent meals of filling foods and getting the right balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein also helps you avoid feelings of hunger.

Avoiding Colds

You also want the effect of the nutritional supplement you use to be boosting your immune system; having colds will not help your weight loss efforts. With a good immune system your body will be able to fight viruses and infections. Your nutritional supplement can in fact turn out to be your best weight loss supplement.

The Best Nutritional Supplements are Natural

The best nutritional supplement is a natural one, not a synthetic one. Nature is difficult to mimic. In a good natural supplement you will be getting the vitamins in their natural form but concentrated. This will give you synergetic benefits that are hard to accomplish by taking the vitamins separately.

Research is also starting to show that taking supplements in the form of isolated vitamins (some vitamin B12 here, some vitamin C there) is not as effective as taking them in a natural combination and can in fact be dangerous. Scientists think it might be that plants have the right balance of vitamins and trace elements. Taking vitamin supplements randomly may harm that delicate balance.

If you’re concerned about improperly combining supplements and you aren’t able to get enough nutrients from your diet alone, a well-balanced multivitamin makes a simple addition to the healthy lifestyle choices described above. The best multivitamins are formulated to ensure you don’t get too much or too little of any nutrient.

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